Before I introduce myself 

learn about my marketing principles


Make sense of the complicated by communicating effectively, educating and thinking creatively


Produce marketing that is beautiful, audience appropriate and always of a high standard


Work to realistic budgets and schedules with honest campaign feedback to achieve outstanding results every time

Kieran Harvey, owner of KWH Marketing

Hi, I'm Kieran.

I am also KWH Marketing. My career in sales and business development started in 2012, however since 2016, I began taking on marketing projects and the rest is history. Read on to find out more about my experience and me.

My experiences

Since 2017, it has been marketing, marketing, marketing, notably in the recruitment sector but prior to that I have always worked in professional services and sales settings. Alongside working as a Marketing Manager for a nationwide built environment recruiter I undertook regular training

and studied towards my degree in Advertising & Marketing Management. In this time, I have executed many successful marketing campaigns,