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Rebrand: Conrad Consulting's logo to be more purposeful, meaningful and versatile

Logo Rebrand.png

Conrad Consulting's branding was letting them down job board listings, a crucial job-first touchpoint at the start of a candidate job-seeking journey.  The logo had a thin, lowercase typeface and smaller, lighter tagline which were illegible in thumbnail format in job board listings. The logo also failed to perform highly in a single-tone format as the overlapping squares (an aerial view of high-rise buildings so I was told) merged into an unrecognisable blended shape.


As a recruitment agency operating in the highly-competitive built environment sector, the brand logo needed to have a high visual impact to stand out amongst competitors.

Within the previous logo, meaning had been assigned to the colours to represent the sectors Conrad provided services to, and I was keen for this to be retained and developed moving forward however a sister company was now a part of the Conrad Consulting Group and needed to be incorporated into the logo (navy). Sector-specific logos were developed along with a same-style rebrand for Conrad's newly launched sister company. 

The rebrand took into account historical redundant iterations of the company logo dating back to the start of the millennium when the company was first launched, which brought back the use of the company initial and swooshes.

My role was to lead the rebrand and make key branding decisions to carry Conrad into the its' next era. The new logos for both companies filled all the space within their frame, were adapted to be suitable for single- or dual-colour printing and allowed for sector-specific variation.


Designs were put forward by That's Brave and final decisions took into account preferences and suggestions from the whole company, before being updated and rolled out to all company documentation, signage, online resources, social media and website.

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