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Inbound Content Marketing Campaign: UK Architecture Salary Survey

Salary Survey graphic.png

Conrad Consulting was not fully reaping the benefits of an inbound marketing approach in its' content strategy and we wanted utilise our established network of consultants, candidates, clients and extensive recruitment resources to showcase the businesses' expertise in the architecture jobs market and engage our audiences with valuable content. 

I co-ordinated a nationwide team of architecture consultants and our office manager to collate and present useful salary data relevant to each region to showcase our specialist consultant's expertise in their field and provide an overview snapshot look at architecture salaries across the UK. 

This project was managed in-house by myself from inception to completion and required a marketing plan which facilitated and incentivised the collection of data on a nationwide scale, the analysis and presentation of findings and the communication of finished product. 

Within the first fortnight of publishing, the survey achieved over 500 downloads which exceeded our inbound marketing intentions for this campaign and set the bar for future recruitment guides. 

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