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Start-up Logo, Print Collateral and Digital Presence

Invoice Pad mockup.png
Height Guys-10.png

The Height Guys are a new business in Suffolk offering commercial cherry picker hire for just about any job you can think of that may require a raised platform, such as bird netting, repairs, window cleaning, and so much more. 

When I initially met with the team, they had a lot of energy and were really excited to launch their new business and had a fairly clear vision of what they wanted the brand to look like. 

Business Card Mockup.png
Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 11.01.20.png

KWHM helped to bring their vision for the look to life with a striking and easy to read logo that showed what they do. To approach their target clients, we set up an online holding page for their website while we worked on building the perfect website to showcase their work.


The Height Guys were keen to get started and required a suite of documents to introduce their professional look to prospective clients, with headed paper, business cards, and branded invoice pads. ​


We are currently working on a website build for The Height Guys that shows off their top services and the team.

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