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Website Build & Out-of-home Signage

Screenshot of HMJ Contracts website.png

After reviewing their current site, we decided it was best long-term to create a new site within Wix. We set about building a site that was on-brand, with dedicated project pages to show their work. 

Additionally, they wanted some new and more impactful out-of-home signage they could display at their various sites to increase brand awareness and attract new customers (funnily enough, I first heard of HMJ Contracts through a similar sign, so I could vouch this was working for them!)


We have loved working with Kieran for our website and new marketing material designs. His knowledge about the building blocks to a successfully performing website has been invaluable throughout meetings and the website construction. 

We have loved working with Kieran and look forward to designing the next website in the HMJ Group!

Clare Ventham, Creative Director at Suffolk Creations

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