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Branded office redesign and illustration of artwork to communicate growth plans

Unite People are a civil engineering recruitment consultancy working towards being the leading brand in their industry. I joined Unite People in 2020, as they set off on a five-year roadmap to scale the size of the business by 300%.


In preparation for the scale-up, it was important that the company culture, values and goals were clearly communicated internally to colleagues. As the team prepared to return to new office space following lockdown, the offices were a blank slate. 

My role was to lead the project of designing the London office in line with the company vision and brand. To clearly communicate Unite's five-year plan, I created a visual roadmap which was printed to the office walls with 3D stand-out elements. 


Paint colours to match the Pantone colours were sourced. A custom-design neon sign of our logo was made, and the office was filled with low-light office plants, a dartboard, and reporting screens for consultants to track and recognise consultant, team and company updates, progress and achievements.

Following completion of the project, the London office relocated due to unforeseen circumstances and the redesign was carried out for the second time in new office space. The Leeds office was also new and was designed to match.

Isometric Room_dressed_hiddennumbers.png
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