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Website Build & Local SEO: Website for two family businesses: Chim Chimney (Fuel-burner installation & maintenance), and Chim Chimney & Sons (Sweeping business)

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Chim Chimney and Chim Chimney & Sons are two family-run businesses who operate in conjunction, offering fuel-burner installation & maintenance services, and chimney sweeping services respectively. 

The initial project was to redesign the Chim Chimney website with an improved, modern aesthetic from an outdated, non-branded one-paged site. A secondary project involved developing a new site for Chim Chimney & Sons, to promote the sweeping division of the business.


The website was built using a website builder as the clients are used to having minimal website expenses and it was therefore important for new website to remain inexpensive. Sites built using website builders are a great and cost-effective method for small businesses looking for a clean, online presence without hefty build and maintenance costs.

The Chim Chimney businesses operate in a surprisingly competitive space, with many local competitors to contend with, however Nigel & Finley stand out from the crowd.

An SEO strategy to improve positioning in search engine pages was advised and is an ongoing project to develop their search presence. Duplication of content by having two independent sites for the business raised the risk of the sites competing against each other in search engine pages (SERPs), and the possibility of creating confusion for customers. These reasons lead to the decision to create a single site for both businesses. 

Following in his father's footsteps, Finley qualified as a chimney sweep and became the youngest qualified Chimney Sweep in the UK. Nigel & Finley have been interviewed for numerous local newspapers and radio stations, and even starred on national television  for their vocation. Their appearance on ITV's 'Love Your Weekend' with Alan Titchmarsh was a particular milestone that was important to share this on the new website and set them apart.

Kieran, you’re an absolute star and professional, we wish you well in your new venture. If you need a new website, Kieran really is your man. Really happy with the brilliant job he's done for us. 

Nigel & Jane Spinks, Chim Chimney & Chim Chimney & Sons

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