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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing offers two key approaches to getting your business noticed in search results: organic and paid. These approaches are often referred to as SEO and PPC campaigns respectively. Here's some key points about both.

(Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is the process of optimising your site and its content to adhere to processes which are known to achieve success at enhancing your position in search results pages (these are called SERPs).

This is a long-term and competitive strategy and can be conducted at a basic level, often supported by a content marketing strategy.

Local SEO is a great tactic for small local businesses to ensure they are showing up to audiences local to them.

(Pay Per Click)

PPC is an advertising model whereby you pay per clicks to your ads. 

This approach can see results much quicker than SEO.


Making necessary site enhancements to improve user experience will help to improve the cost efficiency of PPC.

Here your ads show at the top of the search page results above organic results and compete by bidding for positions.

Interested in giving search engine marketing a go, or would like some support to improve your search positioning and live ad campaigns? Get in touch today!

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