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Blog posts for the recruitment industry

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Often, recruitment is unfairly tarnished with a jaded reputation of being a highly transactional industry. 


The recruitment industry nurtures networks across all sectors. Part of the value of recruiters that goes unnoticed are the insights from having a finger on the pulse of what is happening in job markets.

Blogging is one way recruiters can build their personal brands, showcase their insights within their sector and a way they can connect with their audiences, that is a softer touchpoint than the typical hard-sell.

But writing articles is time consuming and not easily attributed to direct ROI, so it's hard for recruiters to allocate the required time to creating good content on hot topics.

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Blog content is also another way to keep stakeholders engaged with the brand, when they are not actively partaking in a recruitment process. 


I work with recruiters across many industries to create content that demonstrates recruiters are highly invested in the industries they recruit within.

Hot topics and bullet points from expert recruiters can be turned into fully-fledged posts, backed up with research saves my clients time writing articles.

Topic research can help to provide clients with topic ideas and content plans.

And once the blog post is written, clients are supported to get blog posts in front of their target audiences. 

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